Welcome to the British Japanese Law Association (BJLA).

The British Japanese Law Association is an international, bilateral group with the full support of the Law Society. The Association is based in London and open to members of the legal profession in the UK, Japanese lawyers residing in this country and to employees of Japanese companies situated in the UK who are involved in the procurement of legal services. Law professors, researchers and students are also welcome.

The aims of the British Japanese Law Association are to:

- develop legal, business and cultural ties between Britain and Japan;

- promote fellowship and understanding and foster links between the legal professions in both countries;

- assist in the exchange of information and ideas in relation to education and professional training;

- organise conferences, seminars and talks on specific areas of law; and

- organise a programme of social events.

- The Association was formally launched on 22nd January 1998 and holds a variety of events each year.

- Membership application form can be found here